English system

In the case of a 30-minute course


After guidance to your room, there is a description of the course from the maid.




(Ear cleaning.Face massage.Head massage.Hand massage.Back massage.Shoulder massage.Foot massage.)

You can choose one place from above in 30 minutes course.

Time is the system on which the selected point increase in each additional.

After the selection, it becomes the treatment start and set the timer.




In the case of ear, we will continue to use the ear that was to your husband like your ear.

Please spend a blissful time.

Since we will make a reflation after this case of long course, please tell us your request such as with anything.




Finally, there is a tea time.

Please relax.

It will be the end of the course by the send-off of the maid.

※important points.※

The shop is not a sex shop.

We can't speak English so much. Sorry...( i _ i )